Outdoor Controls

Outdoor Controls

How would it be if you have a system where with a single click of the button a pre-programmed power turns on and off? Yes, this is a great way of exercising more control over the electrical and lighting system at home. In this way, you can transform the home and save on energy all at the same go. There are several benefits that you will stand to receive if you decide to switch over to an outdoor home automation system. This system can be all yours and all you would have to do would be to call Butterworth Electric.

If you opt for the system offered by Butterworth Electric, you will be able to change the way space is used at the home as well as its external appearance. Also, you would be at liberty to add a deck subwoofer for better outdoor bass or for that matter even an underground, where you can experience the outdoors spaces and entertain guests here. Now, if you are wondering if the neighbors will get disturbed, that’s something that you needn’t worry about. This is because the system has been designed in such a way that the sound would be contained in the yard alone, so it won’t serve to be a disturbance for the people who stay close by.

Another added advantage is the fact that when you have great outdoor space, it would in fact give an illusion that the home is much larger than it actually is as well. This way, you will be able to get the family together easily at the same time it won’t be a bad idea to spend some time in the great outdoors. However, the best part is that Butterworth Electric can make all this and more possible at the same time on reasonable budget.

Before you plan to install outdoor controls for your home ask yourself these questions:

Do you want the sound to fill the space or derive the movie experience having surround sound?
Would a basic outdoor television do or do you want one with a large screen?
Do you want to see this outdoor space while you are not at home?
Do you want to turn off the pool and the hot tub when you are not in town? Do you want to turn it back on right before you get home?
Would you like music to be played while you are in the hot tub? Or would you prefer it at the outdoor kitchen, deck or the pool?
Do you want to turn on the lights in the evening at a particular time?
Do you want to turn on and off the heaters by pressing a single button?
Do you want to watch movies on the outdoor deck without having to change the disk on the player?
In case, your answer is yes to one or more of these questions outdoor controls for your home automation would be a perfect option for you. Call Butterworth Electric right away!