Specialty Receptacles

Specialty Receptacles: Making the Connection

Often referred to as outlets, electrical receptacles are used as a connection between electrical devices and systems. Regardless of the type of receptacle that you are in need of, you would be able to find plenty of choices to opt from. You can go in for the duplex receptacle, child proof receptacle, 240 volt receptacle or a GFCI receptacle, which are often considered specialty receptacles.

Are you in need of new specialty receptacles?

The first question that is bound to cross your mind is whether you need new outlets or not. Looking at the various benefits, you would be able to plug in multiple appliances all at the same time from the basement, kitchen, bathroom or garage. In this way, you will be able to allow the electricity to flow from these outlets easily. Apart from that you can avoid the hazardous and inconvenient cords spread across the home in this way. Also, you can protect the home from electrical fires or from someone getting electrocuted or you can child proof the home in this way. Additionally, you can use these outlets wherever you need them.

Are these outlets dangerous to use?

In case, these receptacles become broken or damaged, then they can pose to be a threat. However, if you want to really take care of them appropriately, then you would be able to avoid any electrical shock or fires. There are several fires that take place annually because this unit was not plugged in properly. Also, keep in mind that if you use these receptacles frequently then they can deteriorate. You need to ensure that these outlets can overheat and this could as a result cause sparks. This could be the signs of faulty wiring or poor internal connections. The best way that you can avoid and prevent any sort of damage would be to call Butterworth Electric right away. In this way, you will be able to get the deteriorated, damaged or malfunctioning outlets to be a guard against electrocution and electrical fires.

Some of the types of specialty outlets that are available are:

120 volt receptacles or duplex wall outlets are used as conventional plugs. You could place one over the other while they are connected and then use breakers that can be controlled by a single wall switch.
Outdoor receptacles or soffit receptacles can be used for power tools, holiday lighting, lawn or fountain equipment. These outlets are protected well against outside elements.
Ground fault circuit interrupters can be used in areas such as the garage, bathroom, kitchen where the likelihood of sustaining a shock is higher.
Tamper resistant outlets are ideal for child proofing the home.
Floor outlets can be used in the middle of the road to plug a lamp, computer or other electrical devices.
These are a few benefits that you will stand to receive if you use specialty receptacles. Call Butterworth Electric right away!