Energy Inspection

Energy Inspection: Energy Conservation at its Best

Have you been thinking about making your home or business more energy efficient?

Well, in that case you should request an up to date energy inspection. It will clearly show you a number of ways in which you can save on your energy consumption. At Butterworth Electric, we have service professionals who can perform this inspection for you. Their evaluation will be on a room to room basis and they will help you increase your energy efficiency. This step will help you become aware of how much energy you actually use. In this way, you will be able to cut down on unnecessary energy usage which will cut down on your energy bills. So, if you want an energy inspection to be conducted at your home or business, call Butterworth Electric and start saving energy.

Requesting an energy inspection can prove to be beneficial in several ways:

Dimmer Switches
Installation of ceiling fans
Programmable thermometers
Solar energy system
Power conditioning
Energy efficient lighting

In this way, you will not just make your home or business more energy efficient; it will become more environmentally friendly as well.

Now, that you are aware of the various benefits that you would stand to gain from taking up an energy inspection, call Butterworth Electric and we will start this process. It would be helpful to have a few details mentioned below so we can have an efficient start.

Helpful details for you to provide:

Copy of electrical bills that you have paid in the past
A list of problem areas and those that you think require attention
A list of areas or items that you won’t mind updating

These details will help us come up with an action plan to go about the energy inspection process in the most effective manner. First a physical evaluation of your home or business would be undertaken. During this process, the levels of comfort would be assessed and it would be determined how energy efficient the space actually is. Then a plan will be drawn up, which will help you save money on energy bills. Additionally, we will be able to help you out in stabilizing air temperatures, improve your lighting quality, cut back on unnecessary energy consumption at the same time increase home safety. In this way, you can be certain that your home or business would be more energy efficient.

Are you contemplating on whether or not you should get in touch with Butterworth Electric?

Well, all it takes is a phone call and we will make your home or business more energy efficient and eco friendly all at the same time.