Child Proof Outlets

Child Proof Outlets: Ensuring the Safety of Your Children

It goes without saying that childproofing the home is a very important aspect that parents need to keep in mind at all times. So, it is essential that they set in place tamper proof outlets throughout the home. This wouldn’t just protect the child it can eliminate the scenario when an unsuspecting child tries to tamper with an electrical output. Sticking in a foreign object or a finger inside one of these sockets can prove to be a major problem. The child could get burned or shocked. You can reduce this particular risk by making a call to Butterworth Electric and setting up an appointment with them.

Is your child at risk of injury?

Every year, over 2.400 children sustain injuries that are caused by sticking metal objects into different electrical outlets. Over 95% of these injuries that are sustained involve some or the other type of burns. The severity of these burns could even turn fatal depending on the intensity of the shock sustained. Apart from that you should keep in mind the fact that even a minor injury could traumatize a child emotionally. Additionally, the child’s skin is very sensitive and thin, which allows very little resistance to heat or electric flow. This is another reason why, the burn injuries sustained by a child is likely to become a scar, when compared to an adult. As per statistics, nearly 70% of these accidents happen while the child is under the supervision of an adult, which means that you need to be vigil at all times.

How does child proof outlets work?

There are some products that you will find the market that bare the label that they are child proof but they aren’t since they can be hazardous as well. For instance, you can find plastic plugs that can be inserted into the socket, but it can be removed by the child and swallowed causing the child to choke on it. Also, you would come across tamper proof outlets, which don’t close completely. The child could insert a metallic piece such as a safety pin and could experience a shock.

You can avoid all these hassles by making a single call to Butterworth Electric and the home will be made child proof right away.

Can the injuries be prevented?

Most of the injuries can be prevented if the proper tamper proof resistant outlets are set in place. These outlets have been installed in most of the new homes that have been built following 2008, complying with the new electrical norms. However, in case your home is older than that you should consider installing new ones so that you will be in a position to install childproof outlets across the home.

Now that you know the benefits that you will stand to receive when you child proof your home, all you need to do is call Butterworth Electric and set up an appointment..