Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions: Conserve Energy in Style

Have you been looking at ways in which you can save energy on lighting solutions?

Light timers and dimmers will help you do exactly this and much more. You can get these installed by Butterworth Electric and this would be a great way in which you can conserve energy. Apart from that you would be able to bring down your utility costs as well. The benefits don’t end there since; this lighting solution could enhance the home lighting system. There are a wide variety of residential light timers and dimmers that you can choose from.

Here’s a closer look at lighting dimmers and residential light timers, which will be discussed in the following sections.

Lighting Dimmers

For starters, light dimmers are popularly known as rheostats. They provide additional control to the lighting design and they will save on your electric bills on a monthly basis. If you just twist a knob or push the slider, the light dimmer would be activated. So, you will have control over the intensity of lighting in several areas of your home.

When you get light dimmers installed in your home, it would create a more intimate atmosphere. This would be perfect in case you are entertaining or dining, it would be an ideal option to turn up the intensity in order to suit your particular needs or mood. Butterworth Electric will install this wireless lighting system, which will allow you to have control and access to the lighting intensity with the help of a remote. On top of that you could install outdoor lighting dimmers that are weather resistant as it would provide greater control over your front porch as well as lighting in your patio. Additionally, we have a broad selection of dimmers as well that can be installed by our electrician. If you dream about it, we can make it your reality.

Lighting Timers

If you want to give your home a different look altogether, then you should think about using lighting timers that would help you exercise control over the home’s lighting design. Butterworth Electric will make available a number of options that you can choose from. Besides that if you need help to pick out the best one, we would be glad to extend our assistance to you. Another feature which makes this system a great buy is the fact that once it is activated it has a no movement detector. In case, no motion is detected then it will automatically turn off the lights. Additionally, this is a great way in which you can save on your utility costs. This is because, you needn’t have to worry about turning lights on or off, you can use a timer instead.

In case, you don’t have an energy saving lighting solutions in place, then it is high time that you call Butterworth Electric and get it installed.